ENGL428N - Creative Nonfiction

Simply put, this writing workshop is designed to give participants a wide range of reading in non-fiction, and in writing of non-fiction. Writers need to know how to write many things if they want to have a chance to pay their bills. To this end, you will be writing personal essays, book reviews, literary diaries, conducting formal literary interviews, art essays, and so on. We will be taking a close look at the variety of nonfiction presently being published. We will be discussing—as in such work as "Montauk," by Max Frisch—the "relationship" between fiction and autobiography. Weekly writing assignments will be workshopped. In addition, Prof. Norman will provide examples of categories of nonfiction every week, to build a common reference library. Required reading (please read as much of these in advance of spring semester as possible): "Montauk," by Max Frisch. "Selected Non-fictions" by Borges. "A Match to the Heart," by Gretel Erhlich. "Photocopies," by John Berger. "House of Prayer," by Mark Richard. (The latter not available till February 2011).

Cross-listed as ENGL689A.


ENGL 396 or permission of department.  Contact English Undergraduate studies for permission to enroll (1128 Tawes, english@umd.edu, 301-405-3825)