ENGL390 - Science Writing
General - All

This course is appropriate for science majors interested in further study in the physical and biological sciences. It is grounded in the discipline of the rhetoric of science, which focuses on the conventions and genres characteristic of the writing professional scientists do. English 390 exposes students to the conventions of scientific prose used in research articles and proposals, in particular. In addition, students learn to accommodate scientific information to general audiences. English 390 covers the complex process writers need must to accomplish their purposes, including how to accommodate information to specific audiences; how to use stylistic and visual devices to make information more accessible; and how to edit their work as well as that of their peers.

This course satisfies the professional writing requirement. For ENGL majors to receive major credit from this course, they will have to have already fulfilled the professional writing requirement with another course.


60 credits and completion of ENGL101 or equivalent. This course satisfies the professional writing requirement. Junior standing. Not open to students who have completed ENGL393S.