ENGL278Z - Writing in a Wireless World
101 -

The advent of digital communication technologies, largely based around the Internet and the World Wide Web, requires that we expand our concept of what it means to be a literate member of the postmodern world, no longer privileging printed texts and recognizing the ascendant role of digital literacies comprising the interwoven textual, visual, and aural mediums of contemporary communication. In the immediate future writers will need to be able to read, analyze, and create multimodal documents in order to function as productive, literate members of an increasingly digital world. A composition course, students will select a topic that they are passionate about and develop that issue throughout the semester. They will be required to write and revise six digital documents across an array of media, each one building upon the last and culminating in the creation of a research based website “essay” that will incorporate all of their previous assignments. Students will be exposed to the technologies, composition practices, and unique considerations that accompany the creation and consumption of multimodal documents. The course will also examine issues of genre and composition theory, discussing the history and acceptance of current composition conventions while also looking to the future. Readings will consist of a mix of contemporary and classical texts on rhetoric, composition theory, digital/multimodal communication, and genre theory.

Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs.