ENGL729F - Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Literature; Theatrical Migrations

In keeping with the department theme of “Migrations,” this course will explore cosmopolitanism and related representations of the world beyond England’s border in Restoration and eighteenth-century theater and in related literary works.  We will explore the significant changes to the theater with the Restoration of Charles II (for example, the first professional actresses), the theater’s engagement with geopolitics, and the ways in which the Restoration elite culture’s drive toward sophistication was embraced and repudiated in eighteenth-century literature.  Readings will include plays, travel narratives, and periodical essays, as well as recent criticism, theory, and historical scholarship.  Literary readings will be a combination of major and lesser-know works.

Students will give two brief presentations in class and complete a seminar paper, developed through a series of stages (proposal, annotated bibliography, draft, revision).