ENGL379M - Special Topics in Literature; British Plays in Performance

Permission of instructor required. 

The main thrust of this course will be to deeply learn five plays that will be presented as ‚Äúrehearsed table-reads" to the whole university (one play every three weeks, roughly).  Everyone who signs-up for the course must be prepared to stand up on his or her hind legs and act on stage in Ulrich Recital Hall.

Note: The course meets on Mondays for 3 hours, BUT THE 5 PERFORMANCES WILL BE ON WEDNESDAYS, from 3:45 to 6.  So that Wednesday time slot on your class schedule must be open. ALSO, STUDENTS WHO ARE CAST IN THAT WEEK'S PLAY MUST BE AVAILABLE ON MONDAY & TUESDAY NIGHTS FOR REHEARSALS FROM ABOUT 6 TO 9.

Course writing: a research paper (covering a single playwright) and several short reports. Total pages of writing for the course: 25. There will also be two quizzes.