ENGL329J - Special Topics in Film Studies; The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

Restriction: ENGL245, FILM245, FILM283, or SLLC283; or permission of ARHU-English department.

This course surveys the creative output of one of film history’s most critically acclaimed and popularly successful directors: Alfred Hitchcock, the “master of suspense.” We will investigate the complex nature of cinematic authorship and reputation by analyzing the form, style, and themes of some key works from Hitchcock’s lengthy career within and outside the Hollywood studio system.  Topics to be discussed include identification and point of view; technical and stylistic experimentation; violence and gender roles; the evolution of the Hitchcock “brand.”

Course Requirements: Three 5-7 pp. papers; Group presentation; Final exam

Prerequisites: This course is NOT an introductory course.  To be able to complete the requirements for this course, students must already be familiar with the basic vocabulary of film analysis and must also have experience in writing about film.   Students who have not taken FILM 245 or ENGL 245 will not be permitted to remain enrolled in the course.