ENGL311 - British Literature from 1600 to 1800

The culture of seventeenth and eighteenth-century Britain seen through detailed study of selected major texts. Drama, poetry, political writings, and early novels by men and women. Authors may include Donne, Milton, Jonson, Behn, Swift, Pope, Montagu, and Wollstonecraft.

This course is an investigation of Baroque and Augustan style in literature and life from 1616 to 1820.  It will cover poetry, drama, and prose from Donne and Milton, Burton and Browne, Defoe and Equiano, Johnson and Boswell, Sheridan and Farquhar (and Timberlake Wertenbaker), Cowper and Keats.  Note that there will also be large doses of history, geography, architecture, archaeology, and material culture, with readings in Sacheverel Sitwell's "British Architects and Craftsmen."  You will also be required to attend a play on the DC professional stage (TBA), write 40 pages, and do three (serious) exams.