ENGL304 - The Major Works of Shakespeare

Restriction: Must not have completed ENGL403 or ENGL404.

Representative early, middle, and later works, including comedies, tragedies, histories, and romances. Historical and cultural contexts.

Shakespeare holds a special place as a “world” author.  What about his work commands this position? While his ideas, politics, and human insight are obviously central, so is his artistry, which brings the plays alive in compelling and haunting ways.  We will consider these aspects (and probably more) of the plays:

Cultural Contexts | Character | Form & Style | Genre | Poetics | Issues | Interpretations

We will take special note of the ideas of the tragic and the comic as they organize and give meaning to experience and life.  We will also be especially interested in the plays in their editorial, publication, theatrical, and performance contexts, in Shakespeare’s time and in our own