ENGL468F - Selected Topics in Film Studies: The Americas in Film

“The Americas in Film:” an examination of the concept of “American” cinema through critical analysis of selected  feature-length films. Topics such as genre (the Western, the musical), the symbol of the American Indian, cultural expression of family and race, transnational border crossing, masculinity and violence, law-and-order are explored from a comparative perspective in lectures and discussion. Students will become critical film viewers. In several short papers, the student will focus on the specificity of film as a medium analyzing basic techniques such as lighting, editing, camera, etc. In a longer paper or visual artifact, students analyze how filmic materials are organized into systems which reflect themes of production, audience, cultural contexts, and narrative properties.

Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs. Also offered as CMLT498F. Credit will be granted for CMLT498F or ENGL468F.


Recommended: ENGL329, CMLT280, and ENGL245.