ENGL311 - British Literature from 1600 to 1800
0101 - Tita Chico

British Literature, 1600-1800 considers the aesthetics and politics of late Renaissance, Restoration, and eighteenth-century British literature. Our readings and analyses shall focus on imagined worlds well beyond the purview of daily life as a particularly fraught, if productive, literary enterprise for a variety of British writers, whether these writers were formally schooled, self-taught, or some combination thereof. Attending regularly to the historicity of representation and literary form, this course contributes to the intellectual conversation about the promises and perils of modernity in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Britain. Students will take two exams and write two significant pieces of literary criticism. Daily preparation and participation are also required.


Two lower-level English courses, at least one in literature; or permission of ARHU-English department.