ENGL274 - Creative Writing Through The Eyes of African Americans: A Beginning Workshop


Introduction to theory and practice of creative writing within multiple genres: creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry and drama.  The course includes an analysis of readings that emphasize African American literary models; yet, literary models will also reflect a diverse cultural representation of readings. Students engage in critical reading, imaginative exercises and workshop discussions with continual reference to modeling, drafting, and revising as necessary stages in a creative process.

Also offered as: AASP274. Credit only granted for: ENGL274, ENGL278C, ENGL294, ENGL294N, AASP274 or AASP298W. Formerly: ENGL278C.


Must not have completed ENGL278C, AASP298W, ENGL271, ENGL274, ENGL294, ENGL294N, or AASP274.