ENGL353 - Intermediate Poetry Workshop

This workshop builds on knowledge and practice gained at the 200-level, with continued emphasis on verse movement; the structure of poetic argument; figurative language; phrase, clause, sentence, line, and strophe; and a range of acoustic elements from alliteration to rhyme. The main text is students' original poetry, with consistent intensive study of exemplary poems by great poets. Exercises in poetic form, critical prose, written responses to peer work, memorization of poems—these will be assigned and graded; attendance at the Writers Here & Now series will be expected.  One anthology will serve as required text , TBA, plus handouts. Revision will be encouraged, and in some cases required. Expect to work. 

Credit only granted for: ENGL397 or ENGL353. Formerly: ENGL397.


Minimum grade of A- in ENGL271; or minimum grade of A- in ENGL273; or permission of ARHU-English department.