ENGL479E - Selected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800: World Literature, Eco Criticism and the Environment

In this course we will read works and watch films by North American, Australian, North American, Caribbean, South Asian and African writers and film makers. (Lousie Erdrich, Karen Yamashita, Amitava Ghosh, Shani Motoo, Zakes Mda, Nadine Gordimer, Wilson Harris to name a few) who deal with the environment and whose work allows us to explore our various perceptions on ecological issues. We will see at least three films such as Silent Spring, Up the Yangtze, and Wasteland. Though literature is the primary focus of this course, we will read a few critical and philosophical essays from different fields including science studies that will help us provide a framework for the analysis of literary texts. Course requirements will include a mid term exam, a final take home exam (in the form of an essay), and three short essays (3 pages).


Two English courses or permission of department.