ENGL455 - The Eighteenth-Century English Novel

This course will consider the origins and development of the British novel, from the late seventeenth century until the end of the eighteenth. In addition to close readings of the texts, we'll consider what novels were, who wrote them, and who read them. The authors and texts will be Behn (Oroonoko), Defoe (Robinson Crusoe), Fielding (Tom Jones), Sterne (Sentimental Journey), Smollett (Humphry Clinker), Burney (Evelina), Lewis (The Monk), and Austen (Emma). The class format will be primarily discussion. To succeed in this course you will need to be able and willing to read and discuss up to 250 pages per week, write 3 papers that require primary and secondary research in the university's library and digital databases, and participate on a panel.


Two English courses or permission of department.