ENGL444 - Feminist Critical Theory

Our focus for this course will be on feminist theories that critique and experiment with language, modes of persuasion, and meaning making. In other words, our goal for the semester will be to study feminist rhetorical theory. Throughout the course, we will consider how feminist scholars (Judith Butler, Jack Halberstam), writers (Kathy Acker, Margaret Fuller), and activists (Guerilla Girls, Sojourner Truth) have challenged traditional language practices by proposing innovative alternatives for thinking about communication and composing. Our work will include gendered and queer critiques of language to be sure, but we will also explore how feminists have pointed to the body, the material, and the spatial as radical alternatives for thinking about persuasion and rhetorical significance.

Also offered as WMST444. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: ENGL444 or WMST444. Two English courses or permission of department.


ENGL250 or WMST200 or WMST250.