ENGL398E - Writing about Economics
General - TBA
In this course students examine the rhetoric of economics, moving from the neutral (such as testimony from the Chairman of the Federal Reserve or the Treasury Secretary) to the political (campaign slogans or policy papers). Students learn to read and decipher economic "spin," to tailor reports for specific audiences, and to argue persuasively. The course examines discipline-specific writing about economics (agriculture, geography, public policy, sociology, for example) and discusses the values of careful document design and effective visual rhetoric. In addition to such standard assignments as the resume and the proposal, students also write a press release, an op-ed, and a letter to the editor of a major newspaper. The course demonstrates that good writing can make economics less of a "dismal" science.This course satisfies the professional writing requirement. For ENGL majors to receive major credit from this course, they will have to have already fulfilled the professional writing requirement with another course.
60 credits and completion of ENGL101 or equivalent.