ENGL388D - Writing Internship: Dickinson Electronic Archives

Join a research team of senior scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates working across the university, with institutions of higher learning across the country, with Harvard University Press, as well as with the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts.  The Dickinson Electronic Archives (http://emilydickinson.org) project is offering internships for up to nine credit hours in research methods, digital humanities, and archival theory and practice.  Interns will work in areas of new media and editing, and can specify on which of the many DEA’s publishing initiatives they would like to spend at least eight hours per week.  Projects currently available are publications of Dickinson family papers that have not been available for the past century; work on Harvard University Press’s Digital Dickinson project, research exploring the significance of erotic expressions in Dickinson that is part of a project making available the archives of an early twentieth-century Swiss poet; research exploring early twentieth-century travel journals; research on Dickinson family autobiographies.  Besides the archival and/or technical work in which each will be engaged, interns will be asked to write a short progress report or research paper. 


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