ENGL291 - Intermediate Writing
0101 - TBA

This course is designed to build upon your existing knowledge of writing and to help you develop additional writing skills that should benefit you within and beyond the university. In this course, you will gain training in the three main areas that form the title of this course: writing, rhetoric, and ethnography. You'll apply these skills to a research project involving a community, group, or population that is affiliated with the university. You will use qualitative research techniques, primarily participant observation, to investigate your topic and develop your research project. During this course, you will read thought-provoking articles, books, and essays about writing, rhetoric, and ethnography as you complete your ethnographic project with the help of your classmates and instructor. The main purpose of this course is to help you build your awareness of writing and rhetoric while learning about ethnography as a means of conducting research and cultural inquiry. This course isn't just about writing, rhetoric, or ethnography, however. Rather, your work with these concepts will prompt you to consider broader questions about what research is, what counts as knowledge, and for whom it counts as such. So, in learning about writing, rhetoric, and ethnography, you will also be learning valuable research, study, and critical thinking skills that should help you throughout your college career and beyond.