ENGL101 - Academic Writing: Blended Learning

This course is a rhetorically-based, rigorous introduction to college level writing. The course teaches students how to construct and develop arguments, use and represent sources, and revise and improve their prose. Students consult a range of sources as they investigate an issue for an extensive research paper.

What is  distinct about a “blended” section?  Classes meet face-to-face once a week  and other class work is done in an online environment, giving students a chance to work at their own pace.  Short lectures on key topics are available via online video, allowing students to view—and review—on their schedules.  Students have increased opportunities for feedback on their writing, and they use a variety of media to create their work for the course. 

What are the advantages of enrolling in a “BL” or “blended learning” section of ENGL 101? 

  • A class experience that is shaped more to your own learning style and pace.
  • The chance to work with some of the most experienced ENGL 101 instructors.
  • Being in a section that’s supported with a UTA (an upper-classman who has completed the course and can help with your learning). 
  • The opportunity to be part of a new way of learning at the University of Maryland