Fall 2011
- Studies In Twentieth-Century Literature: Breaking News: Contemporary Literature, Media And The State.

This a course aimed toward graduate students in History, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Gvt.&Politics, Theatre, American Studies, Philosophy, Journalism, SLLC, English& Comp.Lit., and those with interests in Visual Culture (Media/Digital/Film).  This course analyzes how specific moments of social upheaval (both in the U.S. and around the globe) are: l) portrayed in the media 2) transformed into art – fiction, film, t.v., performance.  Our emphasis is on the post-9/11 geopolitical climate; central questions we shall ask are: “How does one represent History?”  “What does it mean to witness?”  From apartheid to immigration to terrorism, the course highlights dissident views, opposed to main stream media. A “nuts & bolts” component of the course is devoted to enhancing students’ writing & professionalization. This course may be counted towards the Critical Theory Certificate (please consult the Coordinator for an advising appt.).  General inquiries about the course: contact kauffman@umd.edu for more information.