ENGL601 - Literary Research And Critical Contexts

The course aims to provide students with professional research training appropriate to the discipline of English studies.  Students will be introduced to—and required to use—resources and methods for advanced literary research.  The course combines readings on foundational issues in literary studies (the nature of texts, authorship, audiences and readers, lexicography, archives, editorial practices, etc.) with more practical considerations of the book as a material object (in manuscript, print, and electronic forms).  We will also consider issues directly related to students’ critical and professional practice (effective critical writing, argumentation, and use of evidence). The class will include tutorials with reference librarians specializing in English studies and with curators of rare books and manuscripts. Students will pursue research topics specific to their areas of interest with guidance from the course convener.  Requirements include regular class participation, in-class presentations, several short assignments (e. g. an annotated bibliography; an editorial and/or reception history) and a final, longer paper growing out of the semester’s reading and research.