ENGL488A - Web Authoring: Text, Image, & Design
0101 - Kill, Melanie

This course will introduce you to web authoring from a rhetorical perspective, attending to issues of context, purpose, and audience as you design and produce texts for the web. Through a series of workshop‐based assignments you will cultivate your existing skills with digital rhetorics to think about the range of resources available when composing texts in multimodal contexts—that is, in environments that allow you to work not only with language but also with images, typography, layout, and interaction. Over the semester, you will analyze and author a range of digital texts, demonstrating your ability to address specific audiences using the tools of graphic design, information design, and web design. The written work for this class will not be in the form of traditional academic essays, but digital projects accompanied by thoughtful accounts of the range rhetorical choices informing your ideal designs and final products. This course is both reading- and design/development-intensive. Class meetings will emphasize active and consistent student participation through discussion and workshop activities. Student success in the course will be evaluated on the basis of participation, projects, and exams.