ENGL359D - Queer Adaptations in Fiction, Film, and TV

This course studies changes in LGBT/Queer characters, story lines, settings, and other issues when stories shift from one medium to another: from novel or play to film, from film to fan fiction, from TV to spinoff novel, etc. Some of these adaptations “straighten” the original text and mute or erase the queerness present there, while other adaptations highlight the presence of non-normative sexuality; we will consider both kinds of adaptation. Not all of the adaptations we will study will be on film, but the course will pay close attention to film theory, so students should be willing to work hard and think critically about difficult theoretical texts. Additionally, this course has a mandatory lab time, so students should be certain they are available all required course meetings. Major course requirements include significant writing, regular and thoughtful participation, exams, and a research project.

Also offered as LGBT359D.


Two lower-level English courses, at least one in literature; or permission of department.