ENGL301 - Critical Methods in the Study of Literature

What does literature do in the world? Why is it written and read? And most importantly for new English majors, why and how do scholars study literature? This course will familiarize you with the critical issues, questions, terminology, and methods that will be central to your studies in the major. The central goal of the course is to get you started reading, discussing, researching, and writing about literary texts like an English major. We will explore relationships between the history of English as a discipline, the range of theoretical approaches used in literary scholarship, and reasons that specific works of literature that have and have not been considered “great” in various periods. This course is both reading- and writing-intensive. Class meetings will emphasize active and consistent student participation through discussion, workshops, and presentations. Student success in the course will be evaluated on the basis of participation, papers, and exams.


For English or English Education Majors, or English Minors.