ENGL301 - Critical Methods in the Study of Literature
0301, 0401 - Koerner, Michelle

This section of English 301 offers an introduction to various critical approaches to literary texts (formalism, historicism, feminism, critical race theory) and will provide a historical survey of several influential theories that have been brought to bear on the academic study of literature in the United States (psychoanalysis, marxism, deconstruction, “post-structuralism”). What practices guide literary scholars and critics when approaching a text? What questions and problems arise in considering literature an object of study? How has the discipline of literary studies changed over time? And how have different critical methods also given rise to conflicting concepts of literature?

In addition to studying a range of critical approaches to literature, this course will focus on the close analysis of literary texts. Students will read several poems, short stories and novels, as well as selections of criticism that has been produced in response to them, in an effort to see how different examples of literary production give rise to different modes of critical and theoretical inquiry.


For English or English Education Majors, or English Minors.