CMLT498N - Gypsy Culture

The focus of this course is the demystification of a people who have managed to survive in the Diaspora since the tenth century. They have relied on their wits, their energy, creativity, and the ability to adapt in worlds of hostility, discrimination, and persecution. This course will examine the culture of the Romany/Rom and the impact of that culture on the rest of the world. A major question that will be addressed is how the Rom have managed to appear in so many countries all over the world and how they have been received. Where and whenever possible this course will examine those works in cinema that use or make reference to the Rom in order to determine accuracy or bias in how the Rom are portrayed and to determine whether they serve or function as important measures in the process of demystifying Rom and Romany culture. Through the analysis and discussions of the content of these films, the course will seek answers to reasons for the negative stereotypes and the myths that have influenced the almost universal perception of a people who have survived and continue to survive under difficult circumstances by hanging on to their culture and their cultural roots.

Also offered as ENGL379V.