ENGL689 - Fiction Workshop

For the workshop, you are required to submit at least three stories/chapters of a novel (approximately one per month). If submitting chapters of a novel, please also include a short (approximately one page) abstract or outline so that the class will have an appreciation of the rest of the novel. At the beginning of the workshop, you will be required to choose your dates for presentation. You must distribute copies of your story/chapter to the class one week before your work is to be discussed. You are also encouraged to revise your story/chapter after class discussion/criticism and bring it back to the group for discussion. Such re-submission will not count as part of the 3-story/chapter requirement. In addition to oral criticism during the workshop session, workshop participants will be expected each week to provide a written critique (approximately one page) of the work being considered. For grading, the requirements of the workshop are submission of the three stories/chapters, attendance, class discussion and critiques.