ENGL602 - Critical Theory and Literary Criticism

As an introductory course in theory and criticism, English 602 is designed to provide entry to a range of approaches to and discourses on the study of cultural productions. Students will engage with some of the key figures and movements shaping contemporary cultural analysis, and along the way, gain familiarity with some of the languages constituting “theory.” There is no way that such a class as this one can even hope to be exhaustive; rather, what we will do is hone in on various theoretical concepts and vocabulary that will likely serve useful in your work in cultural criticism in the contemporary moment. A series of short essays will constitute the written requirements of the course. Readings will be organized under the following rubrics: Formalism and New Criticism; Freud and psychoanalytic theory; Structuralism/poststructuralism; Poststructuralism/deconstruction; Feminist theory; Gender theory and queer theory; Film theory; Theories of Race and Ethnicity; New Historicism/Cultural studies; Nationalism and Postcolonialism


For English majors only.