ENGL381 - MGA Legislative Seminar
General - TBA

This is the preparatory writing seminar for the Maryland General Assembly Internship (ENGL388M). Interns at MGA work as integral members of a legislative staff, write letters and other committee testimony, research policy, and work with constituents. This preparatory course, which in conjunction with 388M satisfies the professional writing requirement, is based on both the professional writing courses in technical and business writing as well as on an experiential learning model. Students in this course rehearse typical intern tasks for a professional portfolio of their work: constituent letters, legislative research, press release, oral and written testimony, as well as professional assignments like a resume, cover letter, personal statement, and evaluative reports. An application for admission to this course is required, although no previous experience is required. Additional information can be found at http://www.english.umd.edu/mga or by e-mailing Internship Coordinator Jennifer Ashlock jashlock@umd.edu. Cross-listed with HONR368A.


Permission of department.