ENGL301 - Critical Methods in the Study of Literature

English 301 is the required pre- or co-requisite for all upper-level English courses. My version of this course is centered on a set of questions: What is literature‘s function in society? How do we define and classify literature? What makes literature good or valuable? How can we articulate and deepen the experience of reading? Course goals: You will acquire a basic practical and theoretical understanding of the form, analysis, and theory of literature, and a knowledge of how to conduct responsible and effective research. You will read actively, think critically, and write eloquently. We will achieve these goals by the following methods: a formal analysis of literary texts, acquisition of research and writing skills, and an introduction to complex theoretical formulations of literary criticism. Assignments will include a series of short papers, pop quizzes, an oral report, a library research project, a midterm take-home and a final in-class exam. In sum, this is an intense course that will rigorously prepare you for the demands of an English major.


For English or English Education Majors, or English Minors.