Debris: A Novel of Love, War and the Lusitania

, Author
Len Abram
Moonshine Cove Publishing, 2015

THE TORPEDOING AND SINKING OF THE LUSITANIA ON MAY 7, 1915 CLAIMED 1201 LIVES. COULD THE GREAT SHIP HAVE BEEN SAVED? "Debris, A Novel of Love, War and the Lusitania" holds a mirror up to the turbulent times of World War I, and the critical year 1915. A German U-Boat sinking of the liner "Lusitania" helped bring America into the war against Germany on the British side. The "Lusitania" sailed with close to 2000 passengers and crew, over half of whom would die. Germany's warnings to passengers were largely ignored. Hidden on board were munitions and war supplies for the British army. How did Germany know about this contraband? Spies sealed the ship's fate - and their own as well. The book offers a human tale of courage and conflict, lives shattered and rebuilt, loves formed and lost amid war's debris. PRAISE FOR DEBRIS "A novel about the 1915 sinking of the 'Lusitania,' Debris could be part of the history of that catastrophe. So real are Len Abram's characters, so intertwined are their lives and their parts in the grand scheme of things, they are all wholly believable. The attention to detail is astounding. One minute you are aboard a German U-Boat, hearing all the creaks and groans of a submarine, feeling the tension as the boat lurks unseen, stalking its prey; the next you are in the Ukraine, among communist revolutionaries, and then in America, among capitalists. You follow the innocent Hannah's ordeal trying to escape the Czarist Police and ultimately her spying for German Intelligence in America, and falling fatefully in love. The descriptions aboard the grand liner 'Lusitania' are a vision of the shipboard life. You may feel that you ought to check your ticket. 'Debris' is, in sum, a masterpiece of historical fiction, which you will not want to put down." - Mitch Peeke, co-author, "Lusitania Online," "The Lusitania Story," and "The Lusitania and Beyond: The Life of Commodore William Thomas Turner." " 'Debris' tells a story as explosive as any torpedo. Instead of cold steel, Len Abram brings to life the warm lives and tragic loves of the spies, who sealed the fate of the Lusitania and the passengers to an ocean grave. It is a terrific read, filled with breathtaking suspense and painstaking historical detail." -Adam Pachter, screenwriter and editor of the "Fenway Fiction series of Boston Red Sox anthologies." "History tells a story about the past. 'Debris' combines fiction and history to make the past and the people who lived it alive again. A thoroughly engaging read." - Gary Braver, bestselling and award-winning author of "Tunnel Vision."