Hebrew, Gender, and Modernity: Critical Responses to Dvora Baron's Fiction

Sheila Jelen, Author
CDL Press: University Press of Maryland, 2007

Dvora Baron (1886-1956) was the first woman writer to have her Hebrew fiction canonized during the period of the Hebrew linguistic and cultural revival at the turn of the 20th century. Baron s representation of traditional Jewish culture, particularly women s culture, in experimental writing modes, has shed new light on the relationship between tradition and modernity in Eastern European Jewish society and in mandatory Palestine at the beginning of the twentieth century. Hebrew, Gender and Modernity: Critical Responses to Dvora Baron s Fiction aims to represent, for the first time in any language, the scope and diversity of the recent scholarly interest in Dvora Baron and her fiction. The anthology presents the work of leading scholars in the field of Jewish and Hebrew studies from Israel and the United States. This collaborative effort creates a dialogue leading to a new and innovative approach to the field of Modern Hebrew literature and culture.