The Glacier's Wake

, Author
Katy Didden
MFA, 2003
Louisiana State University Press, 2013

In her debut poetry collection The Glacier's Wake, Katy Didden attends to the large-scale tectonics of the natural world as she considers the sources and aftershocks of mortality, longing, and loss. A number of the poems in the collection are monologues in recurring voices specifically those of a glacier, a sycamore, and a wasp offering an inventive, prismatic approach to Didden's ambitious subject matter. As poet Scott Cairns says, Didden's is a capacious voice, able at once to deliver both wit and wonder, canny insight and meditative mystery. In The Glacier's Wake, the scientific, the elegiac, and the fantastical intertwine in the service of considering our human place constructive and destructive, powerful and impermanent amidst the massive shiftings that are occurring endlessly all around us.