Electric Literature

, Director of Promotions and Outreach
Josh Milberg
BA, 2007
Electric Literature, 2013

Electric Literature’s mission is to guide writers and readers through a rapidly evolving publishing landscape. By embracing new technologies and mixed media, collaborating with other publishers, and engaging the literary community online and in-person, Electric Literature aims to support writers while broadening the audience of literary fiction, and ensure that literature remains a vibrant presence in popular culture.

Founded by Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum as a quarterly journal in 2009, Electric Literature launched the first fiction magazine on the iPhone and iPad, and was described by the Washington Post as a “refreshingly bold act of optimism.” The eponymous quarterly anthology paid new and emerging writers and published their work to every viable format, including paper, and was the first to use twitter as a serious literary medium by tweeting an entire short story (Rick Moody’s “Some Contemporary Characters,” Electric Literature no. 3).

In May 2012, Electric Literature launched Recommended Reading, a new kind of fiction magazine that’s part salon, part digest, and part journal. In a culture of online shopping and instant queues, people are increasingly reliant on technology to direct them to the content they’re supposedly looking for, but these suggestions are based on algorithms designed to drive sales—there’s no passion behind them. Recommended Reading makes the digital personal. Every issue is curated by a top editor or writer, featuring one piece of fiction per week along with an editor’s note revealing the significance of the work.

Electric Literature has published a novel by Sam Pink titled Rontel, and Eastbound and Down writer Carson Mell's Saguaro.