The Moon Lighting

Adele Steiner
MFA, 1990
March Street Press, 2008

Like the softened edge of a lit moon, Adele Steiner's poems reflect back the poet's sense of mystery and connection found in the world that surrounds her, from her own circle of family and friends, to the larger sphere where, in a Mexican cavern, Side to side/rock masses shifted to love one another/bone dry. She makes visible the intricacies of feeling and thought that exist below the surface of experience, where one goes on contemplating the birth of a child, a mother's death, the broken life of a war-damaged soldier, a Georgia O'Keefe flower, and the near-forgotten sting of a teenage girl's wayward sprung garter. These are poems that mark the passage of time as seen through an eye and heart that is always vigilant, ever moonlighting, day and night. --Marie Pavlicek-Wehrli, Recipient of a Maryland Individual Artist Award