Mystery Schools

Bruce MacKinnon
MFA, 1992
Washington Writers' Pub. House, 2007

In his attention to detail and in his reverence for the smallest moments of experience Bruce MacKinnon compounds and intensifies the events of daily life. Mystery Schools sings with a passionate and capacious clarity reminiscent of Gerald Stern and like Stern, he portrays our life and death struggles that go on without mercy. --Michael Collier

The "glide in slow circles" may be one means of suggesting the ease of movement and gift for segue inherent in the narratives of these large poems, but it should also define their essential lyricism: how they return and return to their common yet surprising centers of gravity. Mystery Schools is thorough and deeply textured poetry and adult in the way serious poetry should be--by not taking itself too seriously while allowing the writing to take its own good time. --Stanley Plumly