Goof and Other Stories

Sean Enright
MFA, 1993
CA Creative Arts Book Company, 2001
Meet Digby Shaw, on the verge of turning teenager. Right now he's still child enough to grow angry at the mere mention of the Keebler dwarves (he suspects they hoard their cookies). About to graduate from grade school, and outlawed by his family, Digby's every move at home is mysteriously known by his mother, and in the classroom he's under the sharp eye of a powerful nun, twice the size of the Lord God, with a man's name. And he has a theory his father doesn't like him one bit. Nothing is safe anymore. Digby suffers every misfortune at school: embarrassed to perform in the school play, about a saint, bullied by the local juvenile delinquent, trying to do good when his every other instinct is to be bad. He likes books, lighting fires, facts and fictions of all shapes and sizes, and he likes tormenting his brother Emmet. But now the younger boy reminds him of himself. And all of a sudden, to his bewilderment, Digby also seems to like girls. One girl in particular, his oldest friend's sister. And still, her brother, his supposed friend, locks him in a box in the woods, just for fun. Only memory and love save Digby, and then only briefly. He would much rather just be cool.