Atlantic Worlds in the Long Eighteenth Century: Seduction and Sentiment

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

The Atlantic Ocean – in the decades between the late seventeenth century and the early nineteenth, it was not one but many places, sites of unprecedented movement, suffering, expectation, risk, dread, and desire.  In thirteen new essays by leading scholars, this book vividly demonstrates how imaginative writing served urgent social, credal, and ideological imperatives across locations and among persons radically and unalterably redefined by their relations to the Atlantic.  Tales of sexual coercion (“seduction”) and intense feeling (“sentiment”) were intimately co-mingled, and did much to shape contemporary writers’ and readers’ understandings of the expanding, continuously re-oriented worlds they inhabited, and previously unimagined manifestations of difference. A state-of-the-field Introduction by the Editors places the essays in the context of recent Atlantic Studies scholarship andchallenges the perpetuation of disciplinary boundaries that limit scholars’ imaginative engagements with the past.