PTK Faculty Promotions

The deadlines for AY 2018-2019 have now passed. The following are our anticipated deadlines for AY 2019-2020.

Deadlines for AY 2019-2020

Principal Lecturer Promotions05/01/2019Notify Department of Intent to Apply
 09/15/2019Recommender Names Due
 10/15/2019Draft Application Materials Due
 11/15/2019Final Application Materials Due
Senior Lecturer OR05/01/2019Notify Department of Intent to Apply
Adjunct II Promotions10/15/2019Recommender Names Due (optional)
 11/15/2019Draft Application Materials Due
 12/15/2019Final Application Materials Due

Materials will be submitted using an application form that will be available as of 08/01/2019.

Please review the qualifications for Senior and Principal Lecturer before submitting your application materials.  After reviewing the qualifications, you may direct additional questions about your eligibility to apply for a status change to your direct supervisor. If you teach primarily in Academic Writing, your supervisor is Professor Jessica Enoch. If you teach primarily in Professional Writing, your supervisor is Professor Scott Wible. If you teach primarily for the Main English Office, your supervisor is Professor Zita Nunes.

Each of the following items must be submitted as an individual PDF document.

  • 1. Application Cover Sheet
  • 2. List of courses taught - PDF | DOC
  • 3. CV -  PDF | DOC (required university format)
  • 4. Personal statement (see policy)
  • 5. Outside course evaluations from the past five years (see policy)
  • 6. Teaching portfolio (see policy)

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