PTK Faculty Promotions

English Department's Plan

English Department's Appointment, Evaluation, and Promotion Plan for PTK faculty.   

If you have questions about your eligiblity, you should first consult with your direct supervisor (the Director of Professional Writing, the Director of Academic Writing, or the Associate Chair). Questions can also be directed to Valerie Hornsby at

Deadlines for AY 2019-2020

Principal Lecturer
09/15/2019Notify department of intent to apply and provide recommender contact information
 10/15/2019Draft application materials due
 11/01/2019Recommendation letters due
 11/15/2019Final application materials due
 06/01/2020Estimated decision date from Provost
Senior Lecturer OR
Adjunct II Promotions
10/15/2019Notify department of intent to apply and provide optional recommender contact information.
 12/01/2019Recommendation letters due (optional)
 12/15/2019Final application materials due
 07/01/2020Estimated decision date from Dean

Steps to Apply for Promotion

StepPrincipal Lecturer DeadlineSenior Lecturer/ Adjunct II Deadline


Submit form indicating Intent to Apply and Providing Names of Recommenders
(After submitting this form a meeting will be scheduled with you to review the application steps in detail.)


2.Submit Application MaterialsDraft: 10/15/2019
Final: 11/15/2019

Required Application Materials

To apply for promotion you must submit the following items during step 2 of the process outlined above. Each numberd item must be assembled as a single PDF or Word document.

  1. Curriculum Vitae - signed and dated. Must be in the University's format for Principal Lecturer applicants.
  2. List of Courses [doc | pdf] - list of courses taught outside of the UMD English department, if being used to meet minimum requirements.
  3. Outside Course Evaluations - copies of full individual course evaluation results for courses taught at other institutions or outside of the English department within the last five years, if they are to be considered to meet the teaching experience requirement.
  4. Personal Statement - a signed and dated statement, of not more than 500 words, that highlights the candidate‚Äôs contributions, pedagogical development, and growth. Principal Lecturer applicants must also demonstrate evidence of engagement in mentoring, service, program development or research and creative activities that advance the mission of the department. See the AEP Plan for additional details.
  5. Teaching Portfolio - must include a signed and dated teaching philosophy. Additional details on the teaching portfolio can be found in the AEP Plan.

AEP Committee 

The 2019-2020 AEP Committee:

Zita NunesAssociate Chair and Committee Chair
Jessica EnochDirector of Academic Writing
Danuta HincSenior Lecturer
Pamela OrelSenior Lecturer
Marybeth SheaPrincipal Lecturer
Scott WibleDirector of Professional Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum qualifications for each rank?

The minimum qualifications can be found in section 3 of the department's AEP Plan.

How can I find out if I have taught a sufficient number of courses to apply for promotion?

If you are unsure of the number of courses you've taught in the English department, or whether a course from outside of the English department will count toward promotion, you should contact Kevin Nesline, the English department's Director of Operations, at

What is the difference between Senior Lecturer and Adjunct II?

Adjunct II promotions are only applicable to faculty who teach 25% FTE (one course per semester), and do not plan to increase their teaching load in the near future. Faculty who teach more than one course per semester, or plan to in the near future, must apply for Senior Lecturer promotion. These categories are not transferable (e.g. being promoted to Adjunct II does not qualify you for Senior Lecturer status if you teach two or more classes in the future).