Staff Teleworking Procedures

The English Department provides staff with the option of teleworking up to one day a week, following the University's teleworking procedures, provided the following requirements are met:

  • The staff member's absence does not significantly inhibit the operation of the individual administrative or academic office for which they work.
  • The staff member has access to a sufficient remote workspace (see requirements document below).
  • The staff member gains the approval of their immediate supervisor, the director of the academic program under which they work (if different), and the director of operations.

The following completed forms must be submitted to the DIrector of Operations (Kevin Nesline, to request telework arrangements:

  1. English Department Telework Request Form
  2. UMD Remote Workplace Certification Form
  3. UMD Telework Agreement
  4. UMD Telework Guidelines

Per University guidelines, telework arrangements can be begun or rescinded with seven calendar days' notice.

Please contact Kevin Nesline,, with any questions.