Policies and Procedures

English Department Policies and Procedures

Guiding Documents (DEP)

DEP.01English Department Plan of Organization02/04/15

Documents Related to Tenure-track Faculty (TTK)

TKK.01Department Procedures for Promotion, Tenure, Second-Year & Emeriti Reviews03/01/95
TTK.02Expectations for Tenure and Promotion03/02/11
TTK.03English Department Post-Tenure Review Procedures11/20/13
TTK.04Merit Pay Plan for Tenure-Track Faculty12/13/10
TTK.05Guidelines for the Mentoring of Tenure-line Faculty09/13/17

Documents Related to Professional-track Faculty (PTK)

PTK.01Appt and Merit-based Reappointment of PTK Faculty (superceded by AEP)10/18/13
PTK.02Appointment and/or Promotion to the Rank of Senior Lecturer (superceded by AEP)04/28/16
PTK.03Yearlong and Multiyear Contracts for Professional-track Faculty (being updated)11/10/14
PTK.04Procedure for the Allocation of Laptops to Professional-track Faculty03/27/17

Documents Related to Facilities (TWS)

TWS.01Emergency Plan07/2006 
TWS.02Protocol for the Allocation of Unoccupied Tenure-line Faculty Offices10/03/12