TTK Faculty Schedule Request Form

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Please complete the Faculty Schedule Request Form below by Wednesday, October 2, 2019. 

Indicate the courses (2 each semester) that you would like to teach in 2020-21 by filling in the following web form.  Please indicate your interest in teaching in University Honors or English Honors. Courses for both honors programs require additional steps before they can be assigned and scheduled, but we would appreciate having a preliminary sense of faculty interest in teaching in these programs.

If you are applying for a sabbatical or anticipate a release from teaching for other reasons, indicate that for the appropriate semester. Be sure to specify the type of leave and your source of funding. If you expect to be released from one or more courses because of administrative duties, include that information in the blanks. Release from teaching, on the basis of previously banked courses, must be scheduled according to the curricular needs of the department. Such leaves, like CAPAA- and RASA-sponsored leaves, provide release only from teaching, not from other regular committee, service, and advising duties.