Travel Policies

Tenure Track Faculty Travel Policy

PTK Faculty Travel Policy (not including current graduate students)

English Graduate Student Travel Policy

Travel Forms

You must complete 2 forms in order to be reimbursed for travel by the English Department: one before you leave, and one when you return.

Before you go...

The Travel Approval Request must be submitted at least a month in advance of a trip. You must fill a Travel Approval Request for each trip you take. Please note that the Travel Approval Request must be completed, submitted and approved before your trip in order for the Business Office to pay for anything prior to the trip.

If you are traveling to a conference or to give any kind of presentation, this form must be accompanied by an official acceptance/invitation to present/participate.

Please note that international travel requires additional approval from the Provost's Office, so please be sure to submit your Travel Approval Request as early as possible to ensure it is approved before the date of departure.

When you return...

 The Travel Reimbursement Form should be submitted to the business office after you return from your trip, along with orignal itemized receipts for your reimbursable expenses. This serves as your official request for reimbursement.

Failure to correctly complete and submit these forms in the proper order may result in a delay or rejection of a reimbursement. This is especially true if the trip or the reimbursement request is around calendar year end or fiscal year end. 

International Health Insurance

If you need health insurance coverage during your international trip, you can be covered by the University for  no charge. However, your trip must be approved at least 3 days before your departure date--so be sure to get your paperwork in at least two weeks in advance to ensure you will recieve coverage. Please note that this means you will not be able to recieve reimbursement for health insurance costs. The full policy can be found here.

Have questions about the process of traveling with English Department funding, or other funding such as an ARHU or Goldhaber Travel award? Please see Frequently Asked Questions.