Event, Local Hosting, and Non-travel Reimbursements

Business Forms

For any event that is using department funds (including funds from other sources that are being funneled through English accounts), please refer to the Local Hosting Guidelines.

Reimbursement Request Form (previously "Miscellaneous Payment Reimbursement")
Please list the expenses to be reimbursed, sign the form, and return it along with an itemized receipt and, for a local hosting event, a list of attendees.

W-9 form
If you are submitting an invoice from an unapproved vendor (i.e. a vendor to whom the University has not previously made a payment), please fill out a W-9 to turn in along with the invoice.

Purchase Request Form (formerly Local Hosting)
Use this form if you have a budget to purchase catering, a restaurant meal, or books/supplies directly with the department card.

Honorarium Template
Tailor this form so that it fits the specifics of your event and its budget.

Foundation Reimbursement Request Form
Use this form if the item is not compensable by the State.

Pepsi Products
All beverages (water, soda, juice, etc.) paid for by the University must be Pepsi products. Acceptable brands include Tropicana, Aquafina, Seattle's Best, Gatorade, Propel, etc. Follow the link to see a list of Pepsi products. The department will NOT be able to reimburse you for non-Pepsi brand beverages.

Approved Restaurants and Caterers

A list of tried-and-true restaurants and caterers for meals and events. Please note that there are a few restaurants listed as NOT approved for purchases put on the department card. If you would like to order from these unapproved restaurants, you can do so by submitting a reimbursement request, along with itemized receipts and proof of payment and a list of attendees, after the fact. 

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