Parking Request form

Payroll Deduction & Cancellation Authorization form


Parking Information:

Parking enrollments and changes for faculty will now be managed through the Business Office.  If you would like to sign up for parking this year, please fill out the Parking Request form (and the Payroll Deduction Authorization form, if applicable) return it to the English Business Office.  We will need an actual signature on the forms, but they can still be scanned and emailed back to us or dropped off at the Business Office. Please contact Shannon Bobbitt ( with questions.

If you do not have a vehicle in the system, go to the Parking Management System and add one.  On the form, choose the term (note that if you don't choose full year, you will have to re-request parking each semester.  It WILL NOT automatically be renewed.)  If you would like to pay through payroll deduction, also turn in the Payroll Deduction form.  Once your permit has been entered into the system, you will receive an email confirmation with your lot assignment.  If you have chosen to pay by cash, check, or credit card, you will need to then go online to the Parking System or to DOTS in Regents Drive Garage and pay for your parking.  You will not need to take a form to DOTS.

Graduate student parking is processed online through the DOTS parking registration portal for students. You may disregard the above information.

Additional Information:
1. This year there will be a change in cost tiers beginning July 1.  If you are on payroll deduction, the change will be automatic. 
2. Payroll deduction for parking is bi-weekly in pay periods 5 through 24 and is pre-tax.  Note that the permit registration and the payroll deduction will automatically rollover for the next year unless you complete a Payroll Deduction & Cancellation Form (to cancel payroll deduction).
3. For Tier costs, go to
4. Parking in lot 1 is free the last week full week before classes start in Fall (this year August 20, 2016 - August 28, 2016.)  New parking permits will be active August 29, 2016.)

5. Overflow lots for faculty and staff (you can park in them anytime in lieu of parking in your assigned lot) are K,P,U,XX1,Z, and any numbered lot.
6. If you were a graduate student last year and have not canceled your student parking, make sure to do so before you pay for new parking. Otherwise, you may get charged twice.
7. For parking lot maps, transit options, Green travel options (SmartBenefits, carpools, etc.), please visit the parking website at: 

8. To change your vehicle registration information, to add vehicles to your permit, or to pay or request a review of a citation, visit:

9.       Mowatt Lane spots are partially lot U and partially lot 19 (an overflow lot for anyone assigned to lot JJ or lot U.)  Go to and click on parking to get the maps.  The garage is no longer a gated area so a gate card is not required. 
10.       Students moving into faculty or staff positions (lecturers are considered faculty) must cancel their student parking registration and have their Transportation Services Coordinator register them as faculty/staff.  DOTS recommends that they do this ASAP.  In order to get a full reimbursement the registration must be canceled by 8/29.  If you do not sign up for faculty/staff parking and do not cancel your student parking, DOTS may still cancel your student parking with no refund and you may get a ticket.