English Editing for International Graduate Students

The English Editing for International Graduate Students (EEIGS) program, operating under the aegis of the University of Maryland Graduate School, offers free editing services for international graduate students who must present their dissertations, theses, and other required papers in English. Volunteers from the University's Senior Volunteer Service Corps staff this program.

The EEIGS program operates as follows:

1. Eligible graduate students may request EEIGS services from the EEIGS Coordinator (eeigs@umd.edu). The request should provide information about the student (name, telephone number, e-mail address, major department, and native language) and the project (title, length, due date, and whether it is a dissertation, thesis, paper, or other written work).

2. The EEIGS coordinator will seek a volunteer editor for each requesting student and report the results to the student.  The volunteer will also contact the student to make mutually satisfactory arrangements for editing the paper.  That failing, the student may ask the EEIGS coordinator to seek another editor.

3. The student is responsible for providing a hard copy of the paper if the editor requests one.

4. The student is expected to inform his or her advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies of the program in which he or she is majoring about the aid being received through this program.

The Writing Center also accepts requests for outside editing and tutoring. While these requests fall    outside of the Writing Center's regular services and we cannot guarantee a match, we maintain a limited list of current and former consultants who are available for paid tutoring and editing work.

It will be up to the client and editor/tutor to determine both payment and a work schedule. The Writing Center will not intervene in this process as our only involvement is to put interested clients in touch with potential editors/tutors.

To inquire about the availability of an editor, please fill out an editing request form; to inquire about the availability of a tutor, please fill out a tutoring request form.