Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for English majors to experience different cultures, engage in worldwide discourse and develop global understanding.


Michelle RosinskiWhether you’re diving into a country that speaks a different language than your own, or just one that has a strange accent and currency devoid of the familiar dollar sign, living in a foreign country is constantly a learning process....The process of interacting and learning becomes a lot smoother once you accept that you are a student and the people around you are the teachers.

--Michelle Rosinski, English major, class of 2016

Michelle shares her experience from a semester exchange at the University of Glasgow in Education Abroad's Voices of #TerpsAbroad series.


Studying abroad while attending UMD, first in Rome and then in London, was the first time I was able to combine my English literature education with my love of seeing new places. Writing [about my crazy journeys around the earth] helped me process and evaluate what I was seeing and learning, as well as enabled me to share those experieinces with others. This is how I started writing my travel articles for Pink Pangea and Go Overseas.

--Mandi Schmitt, English major, class of 2010

See this article for more information on Mandi's travel writing.



Studying at the University of Sheffield for a year has been a truly amazing experience. I've formed close friendships with people from all around the world, and I've had the chance to studying with amazing teachers and peers. ...It has been an incredible opportunity to be completely immersed in the life and heartbeat of a foreign city.

--Natalie Hsieh, English/Secondary Education double major, class of 2013



Studying abroad has made a world of difference towards my cultural understanding and adaptability. Through an amazing theatre work placement, stellar professors, and activities all around the city of London and the U.K. proper, I have made memories and gained better insight and knowledge about the enormous world around me.

--Matt Strote, Theatre/English double major, class of 2013



The experience of studying abroad in Italy taught me that life should be lived three ways: simply, slowly, and beautifully. I reached a level of self-realization, maturity, and independence I don't think I could have achieved any other way.

--Corinne Canning, English major, class of 2013