My deepest and sincerest thanks to. . .
Kent Cartwright, Thomas Moser, and Karen Lewis, for their continued support and encouragement of the English Undergraduate community and journals such as these,
Elise Auvil, for her invaluable advice and assistance as we welcome her to the Paper Shell Review family,
Phylicia Nance, for her time and assistance throughout the year,
John Prince, Billy Woods, and company, for once again brining this journal   to print,
Michael Olmert, for his kind words and our beautiful introduction,
The Center for Literacy and Comparative Studies, the Student Government   Association and the Pepsi Enhancement Grant, for providing us with this year's funding, without which this journal could not exist,
Stylus: A Journal of Literature and Art, and our fellow English Department   organizations for friendly collaboration and teamwork,
The editorial board members, for dedicating their time every week to reading, analyzing and participating in the wonderful discussion that makes what we do possible,
Katie Weng, for her expertise, energy and boldness of vision,
Theresa Park and Jessica Thwaite, for their profound dedication and eagerness to lead,
Rachel George, for offering her own time and talent in creating our beautiful cover,
Sohayl Vafai, for founding this wonderful journal,
Jamie Lee, Megan Cooley-Klein and Michael Lawrence, whose success and strength of leadership have and continue to inspire me,
All the submitters and writers who give us the opportunity to read their amazing work year after year,
And finally, to all future editors and friends of The Paper Shell Review. May  your love of literature and dedication to its mission carry this journal for years
to come.
Most sincerely,
Emily Tuttle
Editor-in-Chief, 2015-16