My deepest thanks to…

William Cohen, for encouraging English undergraduate communities like this one, 
Thomas Moser and Karen Lewis, for their reliable support and encouragement,
Amy Merritt, for her invaluable advice and assistance,
Lauren Friedman, for her cheerful assistance with the website,
John Prince & co., for having once again brought our journal to print,

Karen Nelson, for writing our lovely introduction,
The Center for Literary and Comparative Studies and the Student Government Association, for providing our funding, without which the journal could not be printed,
The English Undergraduate Association, for friendly collaboration,

The editorial board members, for dedicating their valuable time to reading and analysis,
Monica Parks and Shane Goodhue, for their reliability and ideas,
Emily Tuttle and Michael Lawrence, for their eagerness to lead,
Laura Pavlo, for her responsiveness and expertise,

Sohayl Vafai, for founding this wonderful journal,
Jamie Lee, whose success as last year’s editor-in-chief propelled me forward,
and, finally, to The Paper Shell Review’s editorial leaders of tomorrow.

Most sincerely,
Megan Cooley-Klein
Editor-in-Chief, 2013-14