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An English major provides training in skill sets with broad application. Reading and critically assessing various literary texts develops students' analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills, all of which are solid preparation for career success according to the April 2013 survey by the AACU. In addition, the study of literature builds a depth of understanding that can help students parse ideas from other cultures and viewpoints. English does not lock students into one career or job, but rather allows them to gain the skills needed for the changing workforce, where employees often have multiple careers over the course of their life.

English majors can be found in government, business, media, the arts, and many other fields. The breadth of professional options open to an English major can be overwhelming. Therefore, we created this section to help our students make informed choices about their career paths after college, to showcase the accomplishments of our alumni, and to let prospective majors know what they can do with an English degree. Below, we have gathered information about a few common professional pathways and profiled alumni who work in those fields. Each pathway includes not only alumni stories, but also information about the field and resources to develop experiences.

You will find the stories of alumni such as John Kelly, '84, who works for the Washington Post, Amanda Nachman, '07, a publisher at College Magazine, and many others. Please click on the pathways that interest you for information and the featured alumni from that field.

Career Paths:

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Pathways Undergraduate
Pathways Undergraduate

Featured Alumni

A full list of alumni profiles is on the department's featured alumni page. If you are interested in being profiled on these pages, of if you would like to recommend an alumnus we should profile, please contact us at